Teena is a youth mentor and digital artist turned activist who traveled to Standing Rock in 2016 to create content to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. She lived at camp for 3 months and moved to Standing Rock to continue creating content against injustice. She co-produced, edited and recorded content for Awake: A Dream From Standing Rock, a Netflix documentary about the NODAPL movement. She now travels across Turtle Island (USA) and around the world creating content on important Indigenous issues that constantly elude the mainstream media. She trains youth and provides services in the media arts, helping Indigenous communities tell their own stories to shift the narrative and climate of Indian country.  


She has produced/edited pieces for The Rubin Museum of Art,  American Apparel, Little Brown Books, Disney Books, Alesso, Krewella, Jason Mraz, Bob Mamet, and Bethenny Frankel. In 2015, she produced/developed over 20 test pilot episodes in one month for Lifetime Television's first online platform, FallIntoMe. She also produced & edited her first 2 feature films. Her short film created for the 48HR FILM FEST, Raze the Dead, a musical period piece, was nominated for 2016's Best of Los Angeles in which she produced, directed, edited and shot. She is the Founder of, Light Machine, a production studio that develops content from initial concept to post production. 

She has a BA in theatre with an emphasis in directing and performance, when in LA she assistant instructs Active Analysis at The Stanislavsky Institute for the 21st Century Actor with Dr. Sharon Carnicke, the associate dean of theatre of USC. She coaches actors for on camera work, giving guidance from an editor’s perspective as well as teaching how to develop and produce their own content.